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OCLE 2.0 flexible project structure allows an optimal management of large OCL specifications, which includes one or more UML models and a set of OCL files. You can select the active model and which files will be compiled.


You can select quickly the context of an OCL expression by double-clicking the name of the class. In the popup-menu all the instances of the class appear allowing you to select one.


Powerful model browser, property sheet and diagram editor allow you to navigate the current UML model, view / modify the properties of a specified element, create new elements and Class and Use-Case diagrams.


Batch evaluation of the whole model – all the constraints attached to the project are evaluated on all the corresponding instances. By double-clicking an error, the OCL constraint and the corresponding instance are selected.


You can evaluate easily any sub-expression by selecting it and pressing the "Evaluate selection" button in the toolbar. The type and the value of the sub-expression are presented.


OCLE has a powerful text editor which provides syntax highlighting and autoindentation (very useful when editing long OCL expressions).

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This work was partially supported by the NEPTUNE IST 1999 - 20017 Project

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