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July 1, 2005: OCLE 2.0.4 has been released

This maintenance version fixes the import of inherited associations from USE command files. Bug submitted by Vladimir Mencl, Jiri Samek from Distributed Systems Research Group, Charles University, Prague.

March 12, 2005: OCLE 2.0.3 has been released

Like the previous versions, OCLE 2.0.3 offers some new functionalities, different bug fixes and a new implementations concerning dynamic binding of def functions. In order to support users in perceiving quickly the 2.0.3 improvements, some examples were included in the OCLE 2.0.3 Samples directory. We are in debt to Vladimir Mencl and Jiri Samek from Charles University Prague for reporting the bugs identified in working with OCLE. The tree example was sent by Vladimir in order to explain some identified bugs.

New functionalities:

  • Roundtrip engineering for DTD and XML documents and syntactic and semantic validation of XML documents against DTD definitions (please consider the XML semantic validation example from downloads and take a look at the XML validation document in user manual)
  • Snapshot persistence
  • Help by means of examples for some OCL operations. The help feature can be accessed through the "Go to sample" popup menu option for Collection operations and for some of OclAny operations

New implementations:

  • In the OCLE 2.03 version, the if logicalExpression then thenExpression else elseExpression endif, the type of thenExpression and of elseExpression can be different. (see the "Aspects_neglected_in_OCL" example)
  • Dynamic binding for def functions supported both for model and snapshots evaluation. (see the above mentioned example)
  • Evaluation in case of expressions containing "undefined" values (see the above mentioned example)

Bugs fixed:

  • Link selection in snapshot diagrams by using the model browser popup menu option "Show in diagram"
  • Recursive evaluation in collections (see the "Mencl_tree" example)
  • Preserving user model and diagram consistency after removing instances from the repository
  • Code generation for opposite association ends in case of auto association classes
  • Evaluation of oclAsType operation in case of instances (see the "Mencl_tree" example)
  • Explicit message explaining that link creation for associations having equal opposite association role name is forbidden
  • Improved dialogs (find in browser, open file, create and edit objects)

Known bugs (still pending):

  • Deleting association classes. When deleting association classes, delete first the association class in model browser and after that delete the graphical representation remained for the association in the class diagram. (WARNING ! If the graphical representation of the association is not deleted manually, the class diagram information becomes inconsistent. As a consequence, when you reopen the project, the class diagram cannot be opened, the associated information being lost)
  • The evaluation of recursive functions having at least 2 parameters given by value can produce incorrect values

February 3, 2004: OCLE 2.02 has been released

This version brings some improvements to the text editor and a few bugfixes:

  • When creating objects in collaborations, slots are set by default to the specified initial values
  • Links can be drawn between objects even if the involved association is inherited from a superclass
  • Fixed missing package statement bug in the code generator

December 23, 2003 : OCLE 2.01 is our latest stable version. Please consider these improvements:

In this new version, some bugs concerning the snapshots' evaluation were fixed, and a few improvements were added. A new example, describing a modified version of the CompanyExample UML model was included in the example archive.

This new example is meant to support the users in testing the OCLE functionality regarding the bugs fixed and contains some examples of correct and efficient specifications. For example, in the UML formal documents, the invariant checking that a company has at least one employee older than 50, was specified incorrectly and inefficiently using the select operation. In the new example, select was replaced with exists. Mainly, the improvements are related to:

  • New GUI dialogs supporting the creation of linkObjects (instances of AssociationClass) and qualified associations

  • A better management of undefined values, including some improvements in the evaluation of exists, one and any Collection operations, specified in an incomplete manner in the UML standard

  • Browser improvements concerning a better representation of collaboration elements

  • Permission to create Enumeration elements in any namespace

  • Code generation for Tuple type construction

We are in debt to John Daniels for informing us about errors in snapshot evaluation!

We are looking forward to receive your feedback, and we wish you a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2004 !

06 December 2003 : OCLE 2.0 has been released!

Download now a free copy or find out more...

This work was partially supported by the NEPTUNE IST 1999 - 20017 Project

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